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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, June 8, 2012 | 1:25 AM

By Steve Cote

A golden retriever puppy dog will supply love and humour to your household. Usually a delicate soul this kind of dog is humble and dependable to his owner. He can definitely warm your feet on cold days. He likes to be close to his owner and will prove a totally honest and steadfast companion.

If you are thinking of having a golden retriever and are house proud beware. The attractive golden fleece of this dog will soon coat each surface in your house, especially during shedding season. This kind of dog definitely needs regular brushing with a good undercoat remover. The golden retriever, unlike some other dog breeds, will not self-clean.

Some golden retrievers can develop possessive behaviour over an item they deem crucial. When carrying out golden retriever puppy training it is important to teach your dog that sharing resources is favourable to him. Mutual play and swapping toys all though will help with this. Food protecting can be handled the same way. Provide a better food reward when your dog allows access to a less exciting food. Build into him a swapping habit that can be maintained into adultness.

Bred to retrieve and not bruise game birds on shooting activity the golden retriever frequently likes to carry items. With this in mind he will doubtless enjoy soft toys and like to bring things back or carry them about. When hunting for a golden retriever puppy keep in mind his breeding as this could help you to pick the most acceptable toys for him.

Choosing training advice for your puppy is crucial. There's much generic guidance both on the web and there will most likely be an "expert" at your local park. Be careful of taking too much varied advice and generally look for a coach that advocates positive training strategies. Avoid anybody that offers advice containing dominion, hatred or punishment.

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