The Benefits of a Shielded Room

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Sunday, May 13, 2012 | 12:50 AM

By Tim Cyznyk

A panic room is a guarded room created inside a residence in which the property owner can sequester themselves incase of grave danger until help shows up. Much more regularly described as safe rooms in the security industry, some of these rooms may possibly be used to guard valuables and you and your children from an array of hazards, involving terrorist irruptions, intruders, prospective kidnappers, and perhaps even natural disasters such as tropical storms and tornadoes.

The popularity of these high security hideaways has naturally gone through the roof with the success of the video of the same name starring a well known actress. The majority of safe rooms typically aren't quite as elaborate as the intricate, impassable fortress that defended them from a posse of callous intruders in the movie, as several people experience the level of threat that would warrant that level of immunity.

But unfortunately, the sky is the limit when it relates to equiping these house add-ons. If your circumstance demands for it, these safety solutions may be built of concrete band walls and doors, have independent ventilation systems fitted with air purification devices, and include things like direct phone lines to the cops and security professionals and video surveillance gear so you can keep checks on the intruder.

As mentioned up to now, several folks should have a guarded space of this nature, and to be frank, not many can pay for it. An advanced, impermeable shelter such as the one in the movie sells at forty to sixty thousand dollars to have built. That doesn't mean a sheltered area is a bad concept for the median resident.

The aim of your common panic room just isn't to be ready resist off a full on onslaught for days at a time. As an alternative these places are created to safeguard an individual long enough for them to phone authorities or security personnel and confidently wait out the burglar prior to support appears. On the rudimentary level, this suggests a readily available room with no windows which has been outfitted with strengthened entry ways and locks. This type of a place equipped with a telephone, torch, first aid kit and food and pure water will suffice for a median home-owner.

If you're pondering where you might make space for one of these areas in your house, bear in mind that many property owners consider to outfit these spaces for regular life along with emergencies. Walk in closets and shower rooms are a lot of the most accepted and appropriate solutions to making your high security reprieve functional on a regular basis also. Among one of the most popular explanations to have these places built these days really has nothing to do with keeping out burglars or protection from other individual hazards. Panic rooms are quickly coming to be one of the most popular solutions for sheltering individuals and family members from the jeopardies that include severe weather events. An accessible, enhanced, core room without windows, kept with the necessary survival materiels is the ideal location to wait out detrimental violent storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. We've all encountered over the past several years how harmful these weather events may be for folks who aren't prepped for them. If you reside in an area of the country where extreme weather is a worry, the addition of a sheltered room is prudent conclusion for the security of either you and your family. Regardless of your safety or weather defense needs, there is a panic room solution on the market for your home security.

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