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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 | 1:21 AM

By David Genge

One of the most prevalent people in the construction industry is the architect. When it comes to designing a building or planning a home, the architect is the one in charge. If you aren't sure if you should hire an architect for your next building project, the odds are good that you should. However, to get a better understanding of what they do, this article will cover a few basic notions about architects.

When it comes to home construction, architects have a lot of leeway. There are some cases where the homes he is designing will be part of a pre-planned subdivision, but more often than not the architect gets to have a say in making the home exactly fit the specifications of his clients, the future homeowners. From figuring out how many rooms will be in the house to determine if there will be a swimming pool, the home architect controls a lot of the future look of the house. From the kinds of materials that will be used in the house's construction, to how each of the rooms will be laid out in terms of doors, windows, and other accoutrements, architects play a role in all aspects of construction.

In terms of difficulty, a multi-use commercial building is quite a challenge. There are many interests at play when constructing a building that will serve as an office for many companies. It goes without saying that each company will have different demands on the space. While one company might desire to have a wide open meeting area in the center of their office, another office full of executives might instead want many private offices. Finding the middle ground can be a little difficult, but an architect will be skilled at figuring out exactly how a building should be laid out in order to maximize the satisfaction of all the tenants. Architects who enjoy the artistic side of their job will want to find a company that wishes to have a very distinctive look for their building, as it can attract a more modern reputation among their clientele.

The architect will still need to continue working even after finishing all of the designs. Supervising the construction of their planned building is the other part of their job. Sometimes the construction unit will deviate from the architect's plan, and when this happens the architect must voice his opinions on how to get it back to the blueprints. Alternately, he can go back and change the plans to accommodate the new changes.

When all is said and done, the architect will have been a part of the entire building process from beginning to end.

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