Understanding the Impact of What You Drink While Smoking

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 | 12:49 AM

By Kayla Kelly

Cigar smoking, of course, is already enjoyable to begin with. If you didn't think so, then you probably wouldn't be reading this article. Still, maybe you've heard that it's enjoyable, but your experience hasn't confirmed that. Before giving up on it completely, you'd like to find out whether there's something else you can do to make it work better for you. A final possibility is that you do enjoy it, and you're wondering whether or not there are ways to make it even more enjoyable still.

Let's consider "purpose". One of the reasons that people smoke a cigar is to enjoy the different flavors offered by the tobacco and the wrapper. Cigar smokers who enjoy rating cigars have found that many drinks will actually alter the way the cigar tastes.

Another thing that can affect your enjoyment of cigar smoking (for better or worse) is what you drink while you're doing it. So, if you've ever asked yourself the question, "What should I drink while cigar smoking?" then you're you're on the right track. Single malt scotches, cognac, espresso, and coffee are all very popular choices. If you really want to appreciate the flavor of the cigar itself, though, then your best choice, undoubtedly, is water. Because it has no flavor of its own, it own distract your taste buds.

Coffee is a common non-alcoholic beverage that smokers often enjoy with their cigars. The great thing about coffee is that it's relatively easy to pair this beverage with cigars since coffee is usually described in the same way that cigars are. If you prefer medium-bodied cigars, for instance, experiment with your favorite medium-bodied coffee grounds. On that note, if you purchase expensive cigars, make the most of your smokes by also purchasing high-quality coffee grounds. Drinking an expensive cigar with instant coffee, for example, will be a waste of your investment. Choose coffee that offers strong, complex flavors if you are smoking an expensive, full-bodied cigar.

So, let's review. First, make sure that you aren't smoking your cigar too fast, or ashing it too frequently. Then, try drinking water only while you're smoking for a while. Finally, have some patience. After you've followed these three simple rules for a while, you will probably find yourself enjoying a fine cigar more completely than ever before.

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