A Review Of My Purchase Of A Brinkmann Gas Grill

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Saturday, April 21, 2012 | 12:51 AM

By Nel Henry

After scouring the web for various kinds of grilles and smokers, my eyes were about to glaze over from sheer number of choices available. Eventually though, the Brinkmann Gas Grill came up in my search and I was convinced to get one based on its features and feedback from other users.

Even though I am a bit inexperienced in the grilling methods and with the grillers available, something in my mind kept telling me that the Brinkmann would be a perfect choice. After using it for a barbecue at my place, I understood why my mind told me so. What I found to be most adorable about my Brinkmann Gas Grill was the ease of installation as I required minimal effort. It was all neatly depicted in the user manual. The prime features of Brinkmann Gas Grills were:

Bells And Whistles: My Brinkmann Gas Grill is very portable which means that I have the flexibility to move it around my house as needed. I was also impressed that they paid attention to the finer details. For instance, I liked that the grill came with its own temperature gauge so I didn't have to guess if the food was ready or not.

Well made and Durability: I also noticed that the body and individual parts of my Brinkmann Gas Grill are well-built. I may not be as experienced with grilling as other folks, but even I could tell that my grill boasted of fine workmanship. The construction was obviously sturdy because of the good welds and thick metals. It was clear to me that I'll have a lot of backyard barbecue weekends to look forward to with this grill!

Easy to get Into: When I opened the package, I was intimidated at first because I didn't realize that I had to assemble it myself. However, my Brinkmann Gas Grill came with a clearly illustrated user manual which explained in detail how to put everything together step-by-step. I invited a lot of people over, so I was relieved that it didn't take long for everyone to start eating the barbecued ribs and chicken I made for them.

All in all, I was glad I made the right choice. It was risky for me to go into this without a lot of foresight, but luckily I ended up with the Brinkmann Gas Grill. It turned out to be one of the best investments I've ever made!

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