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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, April 23, 2012 | 1:11 AM

By Xander Davenport

It really pays for folk to reminisce their past. Some would be very pleased to visit the place again where a remarkable event of their lives happened. Some would share it to others- neighbours, relations, friends and even pets! There also are some who review their past by relooking at their caught videos at that time. And eventually, the most useful way of reminiscing past is thru picture viewing together with your special somebody. And how special a persons past it is if put in a picture frame and posted on the wall. Some people find it expensive if pictures are framed but picture framing costs nothing if special memories are to be talked about, in fact later it'll just become a pursuit.

Every picture scene we see are worth 1,000 words to tell. The memories in it are as fresh as time they happen. For instance, basketball players or soccer players of their infancy, boys frequently get their sports memorabilia framed. Guess who did that? Their proud moms, naturally. Well there is nothing to giggle about that. Boys certainly like it also. Romantic in sense, I should say. It is their bonding moment.

Moreover, getting fun with custom framing is a nice spare time. Taking photos from somewhere with your camera as your associate and then frame those pictures from simple supplies you might purchase from stores. Or even buy pretty different posters of different places and get those framed in the most creative way you can. It feels like having gone somewhere with those posters framed nicely with your priceless touch.

Some would really like also to have their paintings framed. It's also a pleasant hobby to frame needle works like cross stitches. To frame cross stitch, you can use certificate frames, photograph frames or you can have it framed by somebody, dependent on the dimensions of your work.

Picture framing, being practical, can give you revenue, as well. You can do this if you try to enter the house of frames and take it as a spare time pursuit and at the same time get revenue from it.

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