What Is A Cocktail Dress?

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, March 1, 2012 | 1:07 AM

By John Jones

"There are many types of dresses and all have their particular use. A cocktail dress is one that you wear especially to cocktail parties. Traditionally the cocktail dress was defined by its length and by its sumptuous design and material. It was definitely not the type of dress you would wear while out shopping, not even to a friend's casual party.A cocktail dress is worn to a semi-formal party - where the men wear dark suits. Before the 1920s a cocktail dress could be worn in the late afternoon as well as evening.

The hem of the discount prom dresses can now vary in length, though above the knee or knee length is usually considered right for a cocktail dress.Depending on your local fashion, the hem can reach the ankle or be 2 cm above the ankle. These cocktail dresses are distinguished from their shorter counterparts by names such as tea-length or ballerina-length.

Cocktail dresses appear in numerous fashions, shades, materials, lengths, sizes, and costs. Period-style cocktail gowns are all the rage right now.These dresses give the idea they could cost you a fortune.

However you can find discount stores on line or in brick and mortar buildings that sell a red cocktail dress that will not cost as much. The closer you can come to a vintage style with your red evening dress, the more you will be the star of the day or night. This trend has strongly influenced all of the styles of formal wear for women and has allowed the classic styles of the red cocktail dress to bring out the seductress in each woman.

Which colors are the latest styles this season? Black is for eternity in style, and red at all times gets a woman noticed. A little red dress will always be in vogue. Shop online today to find the ideal red cocktail dress to will make your escort's head swim with wonder at your beauty. You will leave a lasting impression; he will never forget how beautiful you look in your red cocktail dress.

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