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By Harry McDaniel

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Accessories represent that powerful "secret device" of any lady able to transform the woman's entire appearance in the most magical way. However, if you do not have enough experience in ordering appropriate accessories, it is quite easy to produce a mistake and ruin all your charm.

There are some exceptional rules to consider before you stop your option at acquiring a particular accessory.

Point 1: It is better to avoid wearing jewelry pieces in the shape of heart, zodiac sign or trident, if you are dressed in a rather conventional style and are going to attend some business meeting - otherwise you may not produce a serious impression.

A heart-shaped jewelry piece will be proper at some St. Valentine's party or a romantic time, while a zodiac sign will be great if you are going to spend your time with other young people.

Point 2: Keep in mind a very crucial principle: if you have chosen large jewelry pieces with huge stones, your hair-do and make-up have to be rather simple. If you follow this easy rule, accessories will magically transform your image.

Point 3: Choose jewelry components in conformity with the situation and general atmosphere. If you have been invited to the picnic and put on the most expensive jewellery pieces, or you have gone to some solemn reception wearing wooden beads, it is equally inappropriate. During the day it is better to put on jewelry with unglossy and inexpensive stones. Among the best day-light jewelry elements there are the following:

- beads of subdued shades and semi-precious (amber, amethyst, onyx, tiger-eye, garnet) or ornamental gems (coral, quartz, agate); - pearls, including the one of different shades - grey, blue, beige; - pins and brooches from filigree, enamel, with semi-precious gems (amethyst, garnet, topaz).

Point 4: Diamonds should be mentioned in particular. Diamonds are more right for wearing in the evening and are preferable for female in their 30-s. Remember that a lady's taste have to not depend on the woman's material wealth. Your jewelry should be elegant and should harmoniously match your appearance, clothes and the surroundings. In the past centuries pearls and garnets were considered to be suitable strictly for young and unmarried girls (regardless of their age), while wearing diamonds was not allowed for them.

Point 5: Avoid wearing two jewelry pieces placed closely to one another. The following pairs are more preferable - ear-rings and a bracelet, a necklace and a ring, a brooch and a ring. Professional image-makers believe that the successfully chosen components of jewelry are able to underline the strong points of one's appearance, without drawing the consideration away for your personality.

It is easier to avoid wearing pieces of jewellery that are too shiny, gleamy, or producing numerous noise, not to divert your companions' attention from your face and speech. It is a mistake to hide one's personality beyond big, vulgar jewelry parts that will suggest bad taste and the lack of sense of proportion.

Point 6: It is not always a excellent alternative to wear a set of jewelry. This idea will most probably seem strange to you, as jewelry factors are quite usually sold in a set. However, jewelry producers and sellers are more interested in their profits than in their customers' image and creative prepare to one's appearance. When we put on a established of jewelry pieces featuring identical design, they quite usually loose their expressiveness and exclusiveness.

Point 7: A brooch draws attention to one's face and upper an element of the body. If a lady would not like to exhibit everybody that she has broad shoulders, it is simpler to wear a brooch closer to the centre of her breast. If a lady has a lasting face and pointed chin, it is advisable to wear a round brooch.

Point 8: A watch of a girl should also match the chosen parts of jewelry. It is great if a girl has a few timepieces to match different styles of her outfit and jewelry. In general, the choice of a watch have to be suggested by the same principles - it should match your overall appearance additionally, the situation. If, for example, you have a very narrow wrist, an over-sized watch, even a very stylish one, is not exactly the one you desire.

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