Stained glass is one of those classic design features that never go out of fashion. This type of glasswork enables artists to create some amazing and truly beautiful designs that will last for many years.

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One effective way to incorporate stained glass into your interior designs is through antique lamps.

Antique Lamps

Glass antique lamps can be a wonderful addition to your home. They represent items that are both beautiful and practical. As well looking amazing in your rooms the soft light stained glass antique lamps produce is ideal for atmospheric lighting. This can create some wonderful decorative highlights to your overall room design.

Tiffany Lamps

There are a number of excellent examples of glass antique lamps on the market. Several stained glass designers have become very collectable over the years. This includes Frank Lloyd Wright known for his 'mission' or 'prairie' style stained glass creations.

Almost certainly the most famous designer of stained glass antique lamps is Louis Comfort Tiffany. His designs mostly took their inspiration from nature and he created some beautiful stained glass lamp shades. Tiffany stained glass antique lamps are very collectible and make stunning centrepieces to any room. Some of these lamps are extremely valuable and can fetch millions of dollars at auction. However you can get some very impressive replicas that are more cost effective if you are on a budget.

If you are interested in these types of antique lamps then here are a few important facts to consider:

The most collectible lamps from the Tiffany range today are those featuring the nature scenes. The most popular are the daffodil, water lily, dragonfly and cherry blossom motifs.

The cost of Tiffany lamps will depend on their condition, the rarity of the pattern and the colour (red pieces are amongst the most expensive). Authentic lamps should have a small tag printed with 'Tiffany Studios New York' and the number of the design on the shade itself.

The lamp bases should also be engraved with Louis C. Tiffany Favrile or the initials LCT on the bottom. However there are a few authentic Tiffany Lamp Shades without this marker. This can be because the base has had to be replaced over the years.

Tiffany's parents were New York jewellers. There is a definite element of the art of jewellery in his work with his trademark intricate designs and detailed finishes.

Tiffany was fascinated by the smooth flowing lines and organic shapes of the Art Nouveau movement. He was also very travelled and found great inspiration in the traditional glassware of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East.

The popularity of Tiffany lamps has meant that there are now many replicas and forgeries on the market. In fact so influential was Tiffany on this genre that ornate stained glass lamps are often referred to colloquially as 'Tiffany Lamps'.

You will need to know what you are looking for when buying to avoid making any costly mistakes. There are some excellent replicas that make great additions to any room. However you do need to know how to value these pieces accurately. Get as much help as possible from experts and only use professional dealers with a good reputation.

Tiffany antique lamps are renowned for their flawless attention to detail. This level of perfection makes them easier to distinguish from the inferior replicas.

Tiffany lamps are beautiful as decorative objects. However their true beauty is revealed when the lamp is switched on! The stunning coloured glass pieces glow vibrantly creating a rainbow-light effect.

How Are Stained Glass Lamps Made?

Creating stained glass decorative designs is a unique craft. It takes years of experience and a fine eye for detail to work the coloured glass pieces into attractive shapes and designs. Stained glass antique lamps are made by creating designs from many small pieces of coloured stained glass. These are fused into place using coloured enamel. The finished piece is fired up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit in order to set the design.

It is essential that good quality glass is used for stained glass lamps. This creates a very transparent finish which allows the light to shine through clearly. Also the colours will not fade with the high quality materials.

Choosing Stained Glass Antique Lamps-:

If you do want to include stained glass antique lamps in your room design then there are a number of considerations to make. To help you choose the best antique lamps for your rooms here are just a few essential tips:

Budget - when buying stained glass antique lamps you need to set yourself a reasonable budget. Even the smaller less collectible pieces from popular designers such as Tiffany can set you back hundreds of pounds. A good replica can be an affordable choice but check the piece can offer you a good quality finish.

Colour and Pattern - think about the colour scheme in your room and which tones and patterns would best compliment your overall design. Many stained glass antique lamps have bold colours that could clash with other patterns and tones in the room if not chosen carefully.

Space - check how much space you have available for stained glass antique lamps before you buy. You will want this beautiful item to stand out so its needs its own place in your room. Buying a lamp that is too big for your room can create a cluttered, intrusive look. Buying a lamp that is too small means it could be easily overlooked and may not provide enough light for the space. This, of course, applies to all lamps, antique, or modern.

Stained glass antique lamps are both practical and highly decorative. The beautiful finish will compliment almost any interior space and they are available in a wide range of styles and designs.

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