How To Prevent Your Kids From Being Bullied

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, February 27, 2012 | 1:28 AM

By Katelyn Bendis

Professionals are finally becoming aware of the affects of bullying on children. Recently, there have been incidents of children killing themselves because they are being bullied. The computer is now in the forefront, with a whole new ground for bullies to prowl around. Thankfully, as parents we can make a difference when it comes to our children being bullied; as we will show you later on.

You should try to find out who the parents are of the children that your kids hang out with. Bullies often target more than one child, and by comparing notes with other parents you can form a strategy. If you do find out that your child is being bullied, and there are several parents working together, school administrators will work more quickly to take care of the issue.

It is true that children are reluctant to report that they have experienced bullying to adults of any type. Children that report that they have experienced bullying are usually made fun of and picked on for doing so. Parents should always motivate the kids to report that they have been bullied.

It is true that children are reluctant to report that they have experienced bullying to adults of any type. Most of the time, kids do not want to be labeled as a coward or tattletale for telling about the incident. A parent should always do their best to help their kids understand that they should tell when another kid is picking on them.

Let them know that keeping quiet about such happenings is exactly what the bully wants, and telling adults is most certainly what he doesn't want. The easiest way to motivate them is to have them tell someone they trust at their campus. These incidents will be reported by children that actually have someone that they trust.

Verbal abuse comes in many forms including making fun of children because of handicaps that they may have or a physical appearance that does not fall into a "normal" category. Once you are aware that your child is experiencing this type of abuse, talk to someone at the school right away. Although bullying has but one name, there are several categories that it falls under that you should be aware of.

Bullying is a serious issue and one that should never be ignored. Always remember that kids that are bullied may, later in life, have self respect issues. Our hope is that the strategies in this article will help you deal with bullying if your child is currently experiencing it. As long as you have open communication between your children, you will be better able to help them regardless of what is happening.

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