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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 7:03 AM

I have been watching the 'Don't Tell The Bride' series on BBC Three for 5 years now. I love wedding planning, and everything about weddings! I even did my university dissertation on weddings in Cyprus too! For those of you who don't watch the programme, its where an engaged couple are given £12,000 for their wedding, but it is the groom that plans it all in three weeks, and the bride has no idea of the plans. So he books the venue, buys the dress, and invites the guests all by himself.

Anyway I have just watched this weeks episode on iPlayer and aww its so cute. The groom is so sweet, albeit a little hopeless. He is only 22, and him and his fiance have only been together for 6 months, after meeting in Ibiza. During the planning, he gets stressed, falls out with his best man, cries, and forgets some of the basics of wedding planning. He tried so hard to give his bride the perfect wedding, which at first she didn't really appreciate! First, she hated the dress, and even demanded that she changed it as she refused to wear the one he had especially picked and bought for her. Fair enough it was quite garish and tacky, but normally they just put up and shut up and wear what their hubbys to be want to see them in. So after she sulked about that she chose a different one and her Mum had to pay an extra £660 for the change.

Then, he had booked the ceremony in a registry office in London. Cue a very unimpressed fiance when she arrives on the day expecting the twelve grand to have been spent on something lavish. Also, bless him, he forgot to get her and the bridesmaids any flower bouquets! So she was rightly so pissed off about that. So then they get married in the registry office, but none of his family are there, only his best man. Not even his parents. The room couldn't fit in many guests, so he didn't invite any for himself, only for her. And then as soon as they were married, he had to leave the registry office, without giving her a reason! Again she was pissed off and confused, so went to the pub with her guests. Little did she know he had left for the airport and flown to Ibiza to put the finishing touches to the second blessing ceremony :)

He spent half his budget (£6000!) on flying out more guests to Ibiza, and had (painfully) arranged a blessing ceremony in a beach side restaurant. And his parents were there as well as all her guests :) It was sooo sweet. He was sweating, crying and stressing that she wasn't going to make it. But she did and I'm sure in the end she loved it. After all her bitching and sulking, she should have just trusted him all along. He tried his best and it all paid off in the end, even with all the added drama. And any man that can single handedly plan a whole wedding is a good one! She should think herself lucky and trust him from now on :)

You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here.


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