Its Friday.. ♥

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, June 10, 2011 | 2:16 PM

The weekend is here.. yay :) This week I had my final uni exam. This means that I am now free from education FOREVER. I have spent 3 years at a uni in Birmingham studyinga BA Hons degree in Tourism Business Managment. And now its all gone so quickly, and now its time for me to graduate and get a real job.. boo :( 

Anyway I also met up with a few of the other Disney castmembers on Tuesday which was lovely. We had a great meal at an Indian, and then drinks and the pub. Was a fab evening :) Can't wait to spend all summer with the lovelys!

And tomorrow I am going to meet my best friend for lunch at Pizza Hut! This will be the last time I see her until September, boo hoo. Then in October we're going to see Katy Perry! Yay! ♥

Here are a few tiny wins from this week :)

Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce Selection - yuk. I hate JD and I hate BBQ Sauce!

I love this :) Its a UJ purse from Sasse & Belle! Won it from their FB page.

So.. ? Spray. Smells a bit gross.

 Here is my Magnus cat asleep on my bed last night.. aww :)

Todays cupcakes! With my handmade cases.

I have a really awful habit of chewing my fingernails right down, but I have been growing them for about 3 weeks, so now they are a bit longer :) I done a little French manicure earlier. Pretty . 

And here is the set that I used for the manicure. The whole set cost only £1! From Poundland, and its really fab. The colours show so well, although they take a little while to dry. But I'm very pleased with the set :)

I also got this eyeliner from Poundland, its £4 in Boots :) Its such a pretty colour.

Also got this nail strengthener to help grow nails. Also £1. 


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